Kick Start Your Job Search - High Gear!

Kick Your Job Search into HIGH gear!
So, you have been dreaming about finding a new job, huh? And doing it on lunch breaks, coffee breaks, heck, even dazing off in meetings?
Well, let's get you started the right way! Start off by setting aside one day to focus solely on your job search strategy. For most of you, that's probably going to be a weekend day. Make sure you have your fuel (coffee, tea, snacks) and paper and your computer!
1. Brainstorm your goals
- We rarely set time aside for reflection. Reflect on what you like and don't like about your current and past jobs, and in addition, take some time to lay out your career values. What matters most to you?
2. Make sure your resume is up to date and truly speaks to who you are (Top Line can help!)
- Think about what makes you a valuable asset over someone else with similar background and experience. We are all unique individuals - remember what is unique about you!
3. Review your social media profiles
- Hiring managers typically Google you, so make sure what they find is clean and job-search ready. LinkedIn is the biggest professional network, so make sure your profile is updated and complete with optimization! Recommendations are huge too!
4. Create a target list of companies
- Searching for a job is a huge process of finding, cultivating, and culling as many opportunities as possible and it's easy to get overwhelmed. One way to narrow down your search is to create a list of target companies for you to do more in-depth research about and try to find strategic connections to. You want to keep the number manageable, of course, so don’t choose more than 12 to 15 companies to target.
5. Research those companies
- Determine their values, their financial health, how they interact with their customers or clients, the company culture, and where they stand compared to their competitors. These are important topics to discuss in interviews and to know as to whether you want to be a part of their culture.
Now you are set! Keep going through the last two items regularly. In addition, I'd recommend practicing interview skills through a mock interview. If you need more details on this topic of job searching or interviews, please reach out to us and Schedule a Call
Remember, we are here for you every step of the way!
-Nessa Morgan

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